Snowpit Profiles

These pits are generated using a FREE and easy to use program available at Through Snowpilot, snowpit data can be uploaded to a international database for use by researchers to study avalanches.

Watch a video that shows how to download and use the software.

Go to either the AAA page about Snow, Weather, and Avalanche Guidelines (SWAG), or NAC websites to get detailed guidelines on snowpits and stability tests.


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A prolonged dry spell along the eastern Beartooth front during December-January promoted depth hoar development in areas holding shallow snowpacks. In the past week (2/3/20 -> 2/8/20) the Red Lodge front received approximately 4' of new snow, accompanied by NNW winds up to 40mph. We found propagation in our formal ECT stability tests and observed many cases of 'whoomphing' and shooting cracks close to the skin tracks. We found low angle slopes (~25deg) to provide good and supportable skiing, however caution should be exercised when entering steeper and exposed terrain.