Avalanche Incidents

Cooke City
Daisy Pass
Natural and human triggered slides in Cooke City
Incident details include images
Daisy Pass
Coordinates: 45.0532, -109.9610
Caught: 1 ; Buried: 0

Bill Whittle of Cooke City SAR reported that one sledder triggered a slide in a terrain trap to the northwest of Lulu Pass (45.06703, -109.97180). It caught him, but he was not buried. It only buried the tail of his sled. He hit his "SPOT" rescue beacon because he was stuck. A little while later a rider on a rental sled was unable to ascend Daisy Pass to return to town. As he was walking up the pass and others were retrieving his sled, a 2 foot deep (est.) natural slide released on the northeast aspect of Crown Butte that missed them.

Since the storm began 26 hours ago, 1.4" of snow water equivalent fell which is estimated to be 2 feet of snow.

Winds were W-SW averaging 10-20 mph with gusts reaching 44 mph (Lulu Pass weather station)

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Out of Advisory Area
Ice climber triggered and caught in avalanche in Upper Mill Creek, Absarokas
Elevation: 9,000
Aspect: NW
Coordinates: 45.2776, -110.5030
Caught: 1 ; Buried: 0

Outside advisory area, but seemed relevant to report a climber triggered avalanche today (12/11/2019) at around 9000 ft, on a 35 degree slope on a NW aspect. Solid size 2, triggered roughly 15m below the crown (depth 20-40 cm, width 15m) Failed on a density change below a fresh windslab, ran around 100m and deposited 1m of debris towards the bottom of the runout. HS-AF-D2/R3-I. No injuries.

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Bridger Range
Bridger Bowl
Several small skier triggered/natural slides at Bridger
Bridger Bowl
Coordinates: 45.8156, -110.9230
Caught: 0 ; Buried: 0

Several reports of small skier triggered slides at Bridger Bowl (10/29).

From instagram:

"I kicked off a small 6 inch slab on a rollover skiing down east of PK."

"Skied ptarmigan this morning, kicked off a decent sized slab rolling over deer park road cross from avy gulch."

"I got a 2 foot wind slab to crack on a test slope. There was lots of evidence of heavy wind affect. Saw a 5 inch by 20 foot slide in sluice box gully (skier triggered)."

From an email: "Skinned part way up Slushmans yesterday, saw that a chunk of cornice had fallen over the south side of the football field and took a medium-sized slab with it. The debris didn’t make it over the cliffs, but I did see debris further to the south."

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